Going to see your Therapist / Practitioner –
an embodied perspective.

When you make an appointment to see a therapist or a practitioner you will eventually end up in a room with yourself and the therapist.  What happens next depends on who you are seeing and for what reason but the space you enter into is a very interesting one.

Living  bodies.

All your experiences from birth to present are contained in your body internally and externally.  All of your adjustments to challenge, all of your learning, all of your stumblings, all of your triumphs, all of your disappointments, all live within you and the same applies to your therapist.

In some ways your body is an energy field (think of two magnets) and some therapies call this your Embodied field.  When you and your therapist are in the same space this is the relational embodied field.

Body to body communication.

The way one body communicates, resonates, processes information or reads the others body is unique, so in body to body communication it is useful to have a clear sense of your own embodiment so you can get as clear a sense of the other as possible.  In many ways a coming together of bodies works in the same way as two dogs sniffing each other – our sense and resonances are alerted to “sound out” the other and make sense of the new “co-created” space. Transferences and counter transferences can really cloud the relational embodied space leading to a less than ideal situation.

All of this can go on in a subconscious sense if we are unaware or haven’t found ways to get in touch with our own embodiment but there is work you can do. It can be helpful to develop an awareness of your own body, your  own body processes and perhaps do some embodiment Exercises to encourage an awareness of your relationship with your own body and how you are in your body.

Try and be aware of your body and its responses from the time of sitting in the waiting room to going through the door and then to sitting or lying down. Notice your breathing, the feel of your skin (hot/cold) any thoughts that surface and what you do with them, the manner in which you enter the room (cheerfully? Anxiously?)

The likelihood is that your therapist (particularly one from York Natural Health) will have a clear sense of themselves and their own embodiment so it can only benefit you if you develop an awareness of your own embodiment and allow the relational embodied field to function as efficently as possible.

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