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Nicky Thomas qualified as an acupuncturist in 1999 after studying Chinese Medicine for 4 years at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York. After graduation, Nicky practiced at the York Clinic of Integrated Medicine for 5 years before relocating to Bahrain in the Middle East, where she lived for 8 years. During her time overseas Nicky worked as part of a small hospital, which specialized in the rehabilitation and management of conditions, such as stroke and MS. Since returning from the Middle East in 2012, Nicky has been practising at York Natural Health, as well as teaching degree students at the Northern College of Acupuncture in her role as Clinic Supervisor. She also teaches yoga and qi gong at York Yoga Studio.

Nicky uses a combination of techniques, including acupuncture, cupping, moxa, acupressure massage, relaxation exercises, counselling to treat a wide range of health problems. Nicky will teach gentle yoga-based stretching exercises to strengthen muscles, provide support for joints and ease muscular discomfort, as well as give personalized dietary advice, to complement treatment.

Nicky is experienced in a range of musculo-skeletal, digestive, mental-emotional, gynaecological and pregnancy-related problems. She is dedicated to making the experience of having acupuncture one in which you have time to be listened to and understood, and feel supported through the physical and emotional challenges that you may be facing. As a member of The British Acupuncture Council, Nicky is committed to the highest standards of patient care.

Nicky is always happy to discuss acupuncture and you are invited to contact her with any questions or concerns you may have by phone (07583-291616) or email ([email protected]), prior to making any decisions regarding treatment.

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