Our resident Acupuncturist Nicky Thomas has been sharing tips and information about how to stay healthy during Spring.

Based on Chinese philosophy, each season has a particular quality.  Spring is recognised a being a time  

“when the warmth of the sun returns and life pushes forth with great vitality”.

Healthy Diet

The liver will benefit from a de-congesting diet rich in green leafy vegetables.  Apple cider vinegar is beneficial too because of its sour taste and nutritional benefits.  In general, think green, as well as light, nutritionally-packed and easily digestible, as this will maximise your energy for growth, just like plants in spring stretching up and out up from the nourishment in their roots.  Other foods that help to cleanse the liver include: garlic, apples, avocado, broccoli, lemons and limes, turmeric, cabbage and walnuts.

Grounded Emotions

Unexpressed emotions can create congestion internally, so it is better to let those emotions flow during the spring.  Emotions such as anger and frustration are associated with the liver

Other ways of easing stress or negative emotions during Spring are by gardening, as this is very grounding; taking up a creative pursuit or dancing; practising yoga, qi gong or tai chi; or learning a new skill.  All of these activities help to keep our energy flowing in healthy and creative ways.

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