Parents with their baby can attend sessions where they will be guided through a series of massage strokes. They can use these strokes on their baby to calm them and help their muscles relax into a more stretched out and lengthened posture after their early curled up position. Baby massage tuition is also a wonderful way to help parents bond more fully with their baby, helping their baby gain a sense of self in the world it has entered.

Touch is the first sense to develop from seven weeks in utero. Massage helps through this sense of touch to soothe and stimulate the baby.
The new born’s nervous system is not fully developed and gradually develops from the spine to the periphery. The brain doubles in size in the first year and kidneys double in weight in the first six months. Massage helps to improve the circulation throughout the baby’s body at this time of rapid development.
It may also help to:

• Aid relaxation and Digestive Problems

• Encourage circulation and lymphatic drainage

• Ease muscle tension enabling better body functioning

• Reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) and increase oxytocin & endorphine levels (natural pain killers).

These levels when set in early babyhood remain with them throughout their life and with massage on a regular basis it has been shown that babies develop into more confident children and adults.

Baby Massage Tuition is a complementary therapy and not an alternative to medical advice.