A session with Judith might help if……….

……you need direction: Regardless of age, we can all reach points in life when we are not sure which way to turn. We may feel bombarded by advice from well meaning sources and lose a sense of our own needs. Perhaps we are reaching a crossroads in life….the end of our studies…. our children leaving home…..divorce, redundancy or retirement. Whatever your situation if you cannot see the way ahead, feel unsure of your direction and stressed or overwhelmed by the choices you face then a coaching session could clarify the way ahead.

…..you lack confidence and don’t know where to go in life: Life often seems to happen around us; we can fall into jobs, unemployment….even parenthood and relationships…the time passes and we lose track of who we are and of our dreams and sometimes, in the process, faith in ourselves. A lack of self-belief can prevent us from achieving our deepest goals and a career/coaching session could help re- locate your ‘spark’ and consider strategies for strengthening your confidence. Judith has experience and a particular interest in working with individual’s with dyslexia. She has found that, sometimes, people in this category can berate themselves and lack confidence without being fully aware of their particular, often very special, gifts.

……you are totally confused/want something new/different but aren’t sure what: You may be feeling bored in your current job and know that you are not fulfilling your potential….but perhaps you are not sure what that potential is? You may have a sense that something is missing in life….a vague sense of dissatisfaction – despite everything being, ostensibly, okay but don’t know how to go about changing the situation or whether you can? Whatever your starting point Judith is trained and experienced in identifying and clarifying individual needs and will help you to pull together a plan of how you can move forward and implement change in your life.

…….you have a sense that you want to make a difference in the world: Every one of us has unique talents and gifts to bring to the world. Sometimes it can feel that there is more you could be doing with your life…..that you lack a sense of ‘purpose’. Now Ghandi famously said that we should ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’ and there is a real sense of truth in these words. However sometimes we need more than words…..we feel a need to act. We are living in such an exciting world….opportunities to ‘make a difference’ at a local, national and global (as well as individual) abound at so many levels and a coaching session could help you to find an outlet for your particular skills, strengths and talents in the world.

……..you know exactly what you want and where you want to be in life but need help in getting there: Some people really do know what they want in life, they know they want to be a teacher, a solicitor, a doctor, an actor or an astro-physicist. This is the territory of traditional careers advice and Judith is happy to help you consider how you can best prepare for entry to your chosen field…..however she will challenge you to consider your deep motivation for your choice as well as supporting you with guidance on resources and sources of information to help you with your application.

Career and Life Coaching £30/hour