Naturopathy – Annette Jowett

Annette has completed a four year postgraduate diploma in Naturopathy and has furthered her training, undertaking a 6 month sabbatical in Australia to study natural healing methods and lifestyle at the Academy of Natural Living run by Dr John Fielder on his health farm outside Cairns (for more information go to  Whilst in Australia she furthered her Bowen training with a course run by Ross Emmett, the originator of Emmett Technique, a branch of Bowen Therapy.

With her passion for living naturally and the wealth of practical knowledge Annette is able to provide you with, she can guide you through the dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes required for you to improve and maintain your health naturally. She firmly believes in the delicate interlinking and balance required between the physical, physiological and psychological aspects of living incorporating mind, body and spirit.

Annette is able to teach, guide and support you and your family, through life’s challenges, towards gaining your optimum health.

Nutrition – Clarissa Nolan

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health and wellbeing. It is recognized as a complementary medicine and works alongside conventional medical treatment. Registered practitioners aim to assess and identify the underlying causes of a person’s symptoms. This is done using a functional medicine approach, which addresses the whole person, by looking at their dietary, lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors, rather than simply focusing on the symptoms.