Are You Hydrated?

Our very own Clinic Director, Alison was recently featured on the new York TV Channel in a short article they had running.  They were talking about how York residents ranked as one of the least hydrated in Britain!  Would you be included in that? Catch the views of different people with their thoughts and ideas about keeping hydrated. Alison was asked for her view and you can catch up with it here.  The entire clip is about 3.30 minutes long and you can catch Alison at around 2 minutes in. There's some interesting facts and information about keeping ourselves hydrated that [...]

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How to Stay Healthy During Spring

Our resident Acupuncturist Nicky Thomas has been sharing tips and information about how to stay healthy during Spring. Based on Chinese philosophy, each season has a particular quality.  Spring is recognised a being a time   "when the warmth of the sun returns and life pushes forth with great vitality". Healthy Diet The liver will benefit from a de-congesting diet rich in green leafy vegetables.  Apple cider vinegar is beneficial too because of its sour taste and nutritional benefits.  In general, think green, as well as light, nutritionally-packed and easily digestible, as this will maximise your energy for growth, just like plants [...]

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Feel Happier — one small change at a time

  We talked to Jenny Gilmour about Feeling Happier as part of International Day of Happiness this year. Several weeks ago I was helping out my elderly Mum and Dad at the cafe in a local supermarket. On this particular occasion, for various reasons, it was all rather tricky.  A young Mum in the queue in front of us chatted briefly and then went off to do her shopping with her young son. Whilst my parents and I were sitting drinking our coffee she came over and gave us a lovely bunch of flowers. "When I remember it I still smile"   [...]

Drink (Water) and Be Happy! 

Did you know that two thirds of the human adult body is made up of water?  Of this, around two thirds are inside the cells and the rest outside in our circulatory system and in our body fluids. Many of the chemical reactions in our body require water in order to take place. It is needed to make hormones, neurotransmitters and genetic material. It keeps our circulation and bowels moving, regulates our body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen, and lubricates our mucous membranes and joints. Water-soluble waste is eliminated mainly through urine and sweat. Our muscles consist of 70% water [...]