Drink (Water) and Be Happy! 

Did you know that two thirds of the human adult body is made up of water?  Of this, around two thirds are inside the cells and the rest outside in our circulatory system and in our body fluids. Many of the chemical reactions in our body require water in order to take place. It is needed to make hormones, neurotransmitters and genetic material. It keeps our circulation and bowels moving, regulates our body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen, and lubricates our mucous membranes and joints. Water-soluble waste is eliminated mainly through urine and sweat. Our muscles consist of 70% water [...]

Embodied Perspective – Blog post by Rod Aungier

Going to see your Therapist / Practitioner - an embodied perspective. When you make an appointment to see a therapist or a practitioner you will eventually end up in a room with yourself and the therapist.  What happens next depends on who you are seeing and for what reason but the space you enter into is a very interesting one. Living  bodies. All your experiences from birth to present are contained in your body internally and externally.  All of your adjustments to challenge, all of your learning, all of your stumblings, all of your triumphs, all of your disappointments, all [...]

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