As from tuesday 2nd June Non-urgent Osteopathy appointment are Available For those Who are not Shielding/ self isolating.
Online appointments are Also available by booking directly with the practitioner
Please Can All Osteopathy appointments be Booked Online.

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Due to Covid-19 we have temporarily suspended all hands on therapies except Osteopathy, as this falls into the category of Allied Health Professionals or primary healthcare. Many of our other practitioners are still providing online consultations where possible. Please check their individual page for their contact details.

Osteopaths are now allowed to see non-urgent cases for those in the low risk categories. You can check to see if you fall in the moderate to higher risk category here

Things will look a little different at the practice while we still have cases of Coronavirus in the UK. We want to keep you safe and still be able to do the job of supporting your health needs with Osteopathy.  

We will need to talk to you ahead of your appointment to make sure you are well and that you are not in a high-risk group for COVID-19.  We will also be taking your case history for new conditions on the phone. This will keep the face to face appointments for just examination and treatment purposes.

We will be wearing PPE – masks, aprons (change of clinic coat) and gloves but we are still the same underneath it all! If you are in doubt please feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

We are operating without reception cover at the moment so please use our online booking service in the button above to make an appointment with us or leave a message on our landline and we will call you back when we are next in. Appointments are currently available Tuesday to Thursday.

Wishing you the best of health and we will keep you posted here as to updates on additional therapies restarting.


Enjoy Those Precious moments without pain or Discomfort

You do everything you can for your family, which can be a lot to juggle. We cover almost all aspects of health care and have specialist Osteopath’s and therapists ready to help if things get on top of you.

Less Stress

Who doesn’t experience stress? When we become overwhelmed by stress, it takes its toll.

More Timeout

When you feel better, you are more relaxed and so your world opens up around you.

Feel Better

Being in pain and discomfort no matter the cause is no fun. Feel better with your body today.

Don't Let Your Problem Get Any Worse

Pain, Injury or discomfort is no fun. Be seen quickly by our Osteopathy team who will put you and your family at ease.

We Care About You

Not Just Your Symptoms

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  • Thousands of happy customers
  • 20 Different Treatments Available
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What type of health care are you looking for?

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Osteopathy &
Complementary Therapies

Osteopathy addresses your whole body, not just your symptoms. Discover Bowen, Acupuncture & Massage…

Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition is a lot more than counting calories. We help you to fine tune so you can get the most from life.

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Talking Therapy

We listen to you and your concerns so that you feel understood. We help you get back to enjoying life again.

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Breathing Therapy

We offer Buteyko Breathing techniques, Dynamic Breath Release and Rebirthing for balanced mind & body.

How To Book A Treatment

3 Simple Steps

Step # 1

Choose Your Therapy

We offer an array of treatments from Osteopathy, Acupuncture and talking therapies.

Step # 2

Make A Booking

Simply contact us via our contact us page or book your appointment online.

Step # 3

Meet Your Therapist

Many of of our clients come recommended from others. Meet your therapist here at the clinic.

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"I’ve had several lots of Osteopath treatments from Alison. Each time the problem has been fully solved"
Jane Barham
"The receptionist was lovely and very welcoming. Had an hours treatment with Sophie who did a fantastic job."
Lucy brannan
"I had 2 appointments with an Osteopath at York Natural Health. The phrase "should have done this years ago" applies in this case"
Craig Eddington
"After an initial spine check up and just two appointments with Tom, the difference I feel in my back and neck is amazing!"
Amanda Bowers
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