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Jenny Gimore

Lightning Process and Health Coach


Jenny Gilmore

Lightening Process & Health Coach

“I use powerful mind body training approaches such as the lightning process and Health Coaching with EFT/NLP and hypnotherapy give us choice to make change in our own lives and health.”

Jenny Gilmore has more than 12 years full-time experience of helping people to use their mind body link to rebuild their health.

Jenny Gilmore was one of the first practitioners to be trained to teach the Phil Parker Lightning Process, and one of the first 20 advanced Lightning Process Practitioners in the world. She is a graduate of the University of London, holds additional qualifications in anatomy and physiology, and studied Occupational Therapy for 3 years at one of the UK’s top training colleges at York. She is a qualified NLP Coach, hypnotherapist and supervisor for newly qualified practitioners of the lightning process.

Jenny has many years of commitment to providing high quality support and training to assist people to recover from their issues and to reach their full potential. From the late 1980s she specialised to work with people with disability and health issues. She has experienced first-hand the pressures of working in both the business and public sector, and is fully recovered from 14 years of chronic ill health and severe incapacity caused by M.E.

Jenny Gilmore developed her interest in the Lightning Process, NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy when she was looking for new approaches to help people with M.E. and other chronic issues that impact on day to day living. She was impressed by their ability to promote powerful and rapid change to help people improve their health and achieve peak performance. The Lightning Process has transformed Jenny’s own life and health. It has enabled her return to work and has given her a future that she never thought possible.

Chronic Pain
Fatigue and Exhaustion
Stress Management
Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner
NLP Coach & Master NLP Practitioner
Emotional Freedom Technique
BSc Biology (Hons)
Dip. Clin Hypnotherapy
Professional Associations
EFT Guild
British Institute of Hypnotherapy
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Be Pain Free with less fatigue

Have more energy and understand the why you are in pain

My Specialities

Helping people overcome pain and fatigue


Chronic Pain

We teach you why you are in pain and how you can overcome it.

less stress york

Chronic Fatigue

Have more energy and discover how you can move on.


Stress Management

Helping you manage your stress and find solutions to better health.

My Services

York Family Holistic Healthcare

the lightening process york

Lightening Process

A Holistic Approach

The Lightning Process® is a powerful non medical training programme tailored to help people who are stuck in their life or health. It helps people create change with physical health conditions, like chronic fatigue and chronic pain.


A holistic approach

Hypnotherapy is well known for its effectiveness for helping people with a variety of issues that are beginning to affect them in life.  It is very effective for anxiety, fear, phobias as well as pain management, IBS, weight loss / emotional eating habits, improving motivation, nail biting, and much more.

hypnotherapy york
neurolinguistic programming NLP york

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Reprogram your negative beliefs

Neuro-Linguistic Programming aims to create lasting and rapid change in the lives of individuals. It uses a set of tried and tested techniques developed from hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. It helps individuals resolve issues and reach their full potential.

Emotional Freedom Technique

A holistic approach

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of psychological acupressure that is based on the same energy meridians as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture but without the invasiveness of needles.

emotional freedom technique york

Jenny's Testimonials

My progress is still amazing. I was out with friends until 1 a.m. last night. I am back volunteering at the cat homing centre and have started re-claiming my garden! all in 4 weeks of doing the Lightning Process®. I have found the CD invaluable in re-in forcing what I learned in the training and know that I have a tool to use for the rest of my life.
Client, HULL
I have been chronically ill for over 18 years, with some periods of years where I have been house bound. However, with your help and the lightning process I have just completed a year back to work, without a single day off sick. I now go dancing several nights every week and I have complete the Cumbria Way, a 70 mile long distance walk through the hills of the Lake District. I have no doubt that I could not have achieved this without the lightning process and would heartily recommend it, and you, to anyone who is interested.
George Parkinson
Patient, YORK

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