Debbie Pogson
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BSc hons,
EFT Practitioner AAMET registered
Cert SM (stress management)

Are you experiencing the effects of stress?
Perhaps you’re worried about how this is affecting your health, relationships or work?
Would you benefit from some extra support?

Debbie has a wealth of experience working with people who are going through very stressful times; her calming manner immediately puts clients at ease and she creates a peaceful supportive atmosphere to facilitate learning and growth.

Bringing together techniques from hypnotherapy, EFT (tapping) and coaching, Debbie will help you to identify and address the root causes of your stress and discover your own internal resources. She will help you develop personal relaxation and stress management tools. These skills will improve your resilience and wellbeing, enabling you to handle any stressful situation calmly and effectively.

Debbie became interested in the correlation between stress illness and wellbeing after suffering physical illness as a direct result of a very stressful time in her life. Using a combination of complementary therapies including hypnosis and EFT she made a full recovery and continues to use stress management techniques to enjoy great health whilst juggling a very busy life. In addition to her practice Debbie presents stress management workshops across Yorkshire. The workshops teach attendees simple effective ways to manage their personal stress levels and improve their wellbeing.

In her free time Debbie loves walking, cycling and spending time with her family. She has recently taken on a very weedy allotment and is enjoying the fresh air, the peace and the challenge!

Debbie has trained with Michael Mahoney, one of the pioneers of hypnotherapy for IBS treatment.
“I’m really pleased to be able to provide this structured hypnosis programme, which has been shown to deliver significant relief in over 70% of cases”.

In addition to gently guiding you away from the physical symptoms of IBS, hypnosis will help you to rebuild your energy levels, confidence, and emotional reserves, allowing you to relax and enjoy a normal life again.

The programme consists of:-
• An initial consultation to take a full history, ensure you understand what’s happening in your body and explain how the programme works
• 5 or 6 hypnotherapy appointments at specified intervals over a 12 week period
• A recording of each session on CD with a listening schedule to ensure that you continue to improve between appointments
• In addition you will also learn to use EFT tapping, a tool that you can use every day to help you to remain calm and in control.

Why not find out if this is for you?
To help you decide whether this is the right approach for you, Debbie offers a free 15 minute phone consultation.

During this call she will:
• Outline how the programme could work for you
• Discuss your particular needs
• Answer any questions you may have
• Explain hypnosis so you can feel comfortable about taking part

To take advantage of this free consultation, contact Debbie at [email protected] or phone 07949 174359 to reserve your appointment