Jenny Gilmore

BSc (Hons), Dip Clin. Hyp. NLP.Coach MBIH

Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner

Membership No:6970

Master NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach Member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapists

EFT Practitioner, Registered with the EFT Guild, Certified PTT picture tapping technique practitioner

Cert Explain Pain, (Neuro Orthopaedic Institute)

Jenny Gilmore was one of the first practitioners to be trained to teach the Phil Parker Lightning Process, and one of the first 20 advanced Lightning Process Practitioners in the world. She is a graduate of the University of London, holds additional qualifications in anatomy and physiology, and studied Occupational Therapy for 3 years at one of the UK’s top training colleges at York. She is a qualified NLP Coach, hypnotherapist and supervisor for newly qualified practitioners of the lightning process.

Jenny has many years of commitment to providing high quality support and training to assist people to recover from their issues and to reach their full potential. From the late 1980s she specialised to work with people with disability and health issues. She has experienced first-hand the pressures of working in both the business and public sector, and is fully recovered from 14 years of chronic ill health and severe incapacity caused by M.E.

Jenny Gilmore developed her interest in the Lightning Process, NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy when she was looking for new approaches to help people with M.E. and other chronic issues that impact on day to day living. She was impressed by their ability to promote powerful and rapid change to help people improve their health and achieve peak performance. The Lightning Process has transformed Jenny’s own life and health. It has enabled her return to work and has given her a future that she never thought possible.

Suffering from Fatigue? The Lightening Process may be for you…
Jenny offers a monthly workshop at YNH in the Lightning Process
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Why Things Hurt

– a fantastic video which explains pain (see below).