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Intuitive Coaching and Hypnotherapy

With guided meditation discover what is holding you back from living your life on purpose

Do you wonder if there is a greater meaning to the challenges you face?

Life is Too Short, start living!

A life that goes round in circles is no fun.

You were designed for more.

Get the life you desire and deserve

We care about you and want to guide you on your journey to greatness

  • Enjoy The Life You Want

  • Overcome any fears holding you back

  • Start living the life you desire

  • Take control of your life

  • Break through your limitations

  • Overcome Negative Thinking

What Is The Intuitive Coaching and Hypnotherapy?

Using soul guidance and guided meditation you will discover and start to resolve the issues in your life that have been holding you back from being more of who you really are. Often emotional situations that occur in life can cause you to form mistaken beliefs.

These mistaken beliefs can then become self fulfilling and create a cycle of repeated patterns. When challenges arise in your life you can chose to respond to them in a healthier way once you have cleared and resolved them at their root, forming more wholesome beliefs, finding a deeper connection to your true self.

Gaining insight from the Akashic records, your soul library, where every thought, word, emotion, action, intent that has ever occurred is stored, your past, present and future can become more aligned to enable you to become more present to the possibilities that are open to you.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to effectively use guided meditation

    We can teach you how to effectively use guided meditation to uncover your deepest fears and resolve the issues that are holding you back.

  • clear old programming and limited beliefs

    With a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy we use these techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind and replace these thoughts with more empowering beliefs.

  • how to calm down your nervous system

    We teach you specific techniques and strategies on how to calm down your fight or flight response so you can think more clearly and with positive focus.

What People Are Saying...

“I had a conversion with Jenny and was delighted to be accepted onto the three day training course. After the first day I felt different. For the first time in ten years I felt confident that my body was going to fully recover. I left the third session feeling free of CFS/ME and committed to regaining my full strength and being able to live the life I love.”


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Intuitive soul coaching

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About Your Coach

Tom Waring

Thomas Waring uses both hypnotherapy and his intuitive skills to guide you to discover what is holding you back. As the CEO of local environment charity, he understands the pressures of running an organisation. This led him to explore more about how we utilise relaxation, mindfulness and meditation as a way of helping maintain health and a positive work – life balance.


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