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The Lightning Process

Reconnect How Your Brain Works With Your Body Using the Lightning Process

Are you exhausted no matter how much rest you get?

Life is Too Short to always be tired

Being in Pain and Struggle is no fun.

You were designed for more.

We Don't Just Care About Pain

We care about you!

  • Enjoy Being More Active

  • Be Less Tired

  • Feel Better About Pain

  • Be Less Anxious

  • Attend School More Often

  • Overcome Negative Thinking

What Is The Lightning Process?

The Lightning Process® is a powerful non medical training programme tailored to help people who are stuck in their life or health. The mindbody link, in particular Physical Emergency Response (PER), holds the key to how the Lightning Process helps people create change with physical health conditions, like chronic fatigue and chronic pain.  

Whenever the body senses a threat, for example;

  • Breaking a leg
  • Eating ‘bad’ food
  • Emotional shock

It produces the PER to find a way to recover or stay safe. It does this by switching on the:

Sympathetic Nervous System

Production of the powerful hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine, cortisol and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

This is exactly what needs to happen to help us deal with the threat, affecting our muscles and nervous system. The problem comes when we keep on switching this system on, because this leads to problems with the way our immune system works (which is the system for healing the body) and changes the way our nerve cells work.)

How We Help You Turn Your Life Around...

For people in chronic pain or fatigue, the body can get STUCK in a cycle of negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs about their pain. This can repeat itself over and over again and in the process – they keep switching on the “FIGHT or FLIGHT” response.

This can lead to:

  • The release of powerful stress hormones
  • Increased Body and Muscle Tension
  • Depression, fatigue and Anxiety over time

What You'll Learn In This Course

  • The Science Behind Why You Are in pAIN

    We help by showing you what happens to your body when its in a FIGHT or FLIGHT response and what happens if it is constantly switched on!

  • How to Spot when STRESS is occurring

    Learn to recognise the signs in your own body and how you can overcome these emotions yourself. You can also teach your friends and family!

  • how to calm down your nervous system

    We teach you specific techniques and strategies on how to calm down your fight or flight response and overcome your pain or fatigue.

The Lightning Process® three day seminar is an interactive journey of discovery that takes approximately 12 hours to unfold and is designed to teach you:

1. About the PER and what happens if it is constantly switched on.

2. How to Spot when the PER is occurring

3. How to Calm the PER through specific steps using of movement, posture, coaching. These steps are not vigorous or physically demanding and can be tailored to meet the capabilities of even the most debilitated clients.

4. How to make this change to your physiology permanent by practicing the steps so that they become automatic, leading to health and well being.

For more information visit Jenny’s website on jen2627@hotmail.co.uk

What People Are Saying...

“I had a conversion with Jenny and was delighted to be accepted onto the three day training course. After the first day I felt different. For the first time in ten years I felt confident that my body was going to fully recover. I left the third session feeling free of CFS/ME and committed to regaining my full strength and being able to live the life I love.”


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Lightning Process Course

3 Day Intensive
About Your Lightning Process Trainer

Jenny Gilmore

Jenny Gilmore was one of the first practitioners to be trained to teach the Phil Parker Lightning Process, and one of the first 20 advanced Lightning Process Practitioners in the world. She is a graduate of the University of London, holds additional qualifications in anatomy and physiology, and studied Occupational Therapy for 3 years at one of the UK’s top training colleges at York. She is a qualified NLP Coach, hypnotherapist and supervisor for newly qualified practitioners of the lightning process.

Certified Advanced Trainer

All practitioners, regardless of their background, have completed a minimum of 12 months intensive client based training with the Phil Parker Training Institute. To graduate each practitioner must demonstrate skills and competence in delivering the training and have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant subjects required.  In order to be granted a licence to practice and be accepted onto the Register, our practitioners also need to maintain their Continuing Professional Development, undertake supervision and abide by the Register’s code of conduct.

Jenny been awarded ADVANCED STATUS, this indicates that Jenny is the most experienced practitioners certified with the Lightning Process.  In order to gain and uphold this status practitioners need to be running a set number of seminars and seeing a set number of clients per year, attend additional training and have been qualified for at least a year

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