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Laura Simpson

Wellbeing, Meditation and Positive Life Coach

Laura Simpson Meditation York

Laura Simpson

Meditation and Wellbeing Coach

Laura Simpson is a fully qualified wellbeing, meditation, and positive life coach.

 Having completely healed herself of 5 autoimmune conditions Interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, gut conditions, folliculitis and toxic shock syndrome, she accredits a large proportion of her amazing healing journey to mind and body work. 


Details of Laura’s Group Courses – whats involved and costs – can be found below.


Working in the corporate field for 16yrs, 10yrs in tech as a sales coach, manager and leader, Laura studied hard over 5yrs to become an accredited guided mediation and wellbeing coach. She now works with organisations, sports teams and individuals across the UK, Barbados, and America.


1-1 work with Laura is all about discovering self. Living authentically, happily, freely, and successfully. Taking a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of todays busy world. Silencing the overactive mind, connecting with self, and releasing trapped emotions that can cause burn out, pain or stop us achieving all the success and happiness we are capable of and deserve. 


Relax, destress, truly unwind, connect to inner wisdom and strength, and enter a remarkable journey of health, happiness, and success. 

Identifying and releasing trapped emotions; Confidence Boosting; Identifying success, sharing self; Living positively; Living well; Letting go; Addressing fear; Self-development, discovery, love and worth; Manifesting goals; Autoimmune; Living presently; Inner child; Relationship Healing; Relaxation; Stress relief; Specific sessions for anxiety and depression;
GMF Accredited Coach; Personal Journey
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I believe meditation and positive life coaching to be something everyone should experience. We take care of our physical bodies through yoga, massage and more, why do we also not look at the mind? The part of our body which shapes our entire being.

Shutting down the noise of the outside world, silencing overactive thoughts, connecting with self and the inner wisdom that lives within all of us is something truly remarkable indeed. We go through so much as humans and we have all built subconscious behaviours and habitual thought patterns. Addressing trapped emotions, releasing inner strength, and taking care of the mind which shapes our entire being is not only necessary to health and wellness its truly life changing.

Meditation to restore and Centre You

Helping You Get back On Track

My Services and Costs



Laura Simpson Mediation

1:1 Sessions

When: Meet 1 x Weekly. 1-1.5hrs What: Discussion, Release, Motivational content, Tips and techniques and 1 x Guided meditation Focused meditation, and content tailored to you and your unique journey. Costs: Per session £70.00 per session.

Laura Simpson meditation


4 wk/4 sessions: £280; 6 wk/ 6 sessions: £415; 8 wk/ 8 sessions: £545; 12 wk/12 sessions: £810; 18 wk/18 sessions: £1,200 See below for next course information

Course Details


I am offering a 6-week class course online, where we will cover various topics. They include but are not limited to Confidence Boosting, Imposter Syndrome and Overcoming it, Power of self, Healing, Letting Go, Motivation, Fear, fear of freedom to and Stress Relief. You can expect motivational content, tips and techniques and discovery and powerful meditations.

No need to worry about participation and speaking, you can even have the camera off if you like.


Whether you want more confidence personally or professionally, are after a promotion, changing jobs or perhaps launching a new business. Or maybe life is just a bit hectic, and you want some time out for you, health maybe an issue maybe your ill or you want to just better your health and life all round.. looking at stress techniques and how to overcome overwhelm. Healing as a whole and some discovery and release of trapped emotions and subconscious behaviours. Find answers to things your unsure of, unhook from energies …live authentically … It’s all in this course.


Letting Go, Overcoming Overwhelm, Healing, Think, Feel and Listen, I Am Enough, Fear of Signal To (I put the OR’s as I follow how we feel through sessions to what fits best and your feedback)


This is what I deliver into many organisations including educational establishments, sports teams, and tech firms across the world as well as to individuals globally 1-1 or classroom style. This allows me to cover our personal side in more detail.  



Monday 18th April 2022

We will meet weekly for 1.15-1.5hrs weekly.

Part 1: thought provoking material, motivational content, life changing tips/techniques – 40mins

Part two: Powerful Meditations, way more than breath work, covering subject matter – 40mins


Cost 6 week: £125.00 – just £20.83 per session

Includes: extensive notes after each session

Activities to implement

Copies of presentations

Recording of 1 x meditation to use time and time again.




10 weeks: get in touch


12 weeks: get in touch

We will meet weekly for 1.15-1.5hrs and the set up will be much the same, though sometimes I might start with meditation and end with thought provoking content


 12mth subscription (all upfront, or 50% upfront and 50% part 2, quarterly payments) 

Option 1: 12 sessions – Meet monthly £810 (67.50 a month)  

For maximum impact, consistency, and commitment:  

Option 2: 26 sessions – (Meet fortnightly, first 4 weeks weekly) £1700 (142.00 a month) 

Option 3: 40 sessions Meet weekly, 3 x a month,) £2,500 (£208 a month)  


Having had my first session of meditation with Laura, I found her voice beautifully relaxing and her style of guided meditation enabled me to gain greater clarity on areas of stress in my life and release tension that I hadn't been able to access on my own. I would highly recommend learning meditation as part of a significant part of healing and restoring your health and wellbeing. Laura's own journey back to health is a testimony to what can be achieved.
Alison Waring Clinic Director, York Natural Health

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