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Do you Know Someone Struggling with Back Pain or Neck Pain – Maintenance Osteopathic Treatments (MOTs) for your spine.

Book Your Spinal MOT (Maintenance Osteopathy Treatment) Today!

Osteopathy is classed as primary healthcare. Most of us would have an annual check up with a dentist to maintain our dental health, but what about your spinal health? Often people think of booking in for an osteopathic treatment when they are in pain….however what about maintaining good spinal health once you are out of pain? Having maintenance treatment and a spinal health check up you can prevent tension building up and catch spinal mis-alignments before they become more serious and painful.

If you have a physical job your body is one of the main tools of your trade. Looking after your spinal health is vitally important. We recommend for those in physical jobs to have a treatment once every 3 – 6 months just to maintain optimal health.

As your spinal nerves deliver signals to every part of your body to enable it to function healthily, whatever job you do, even if it is sedentary, you can optimise your musculoskeletal and internal organ health by having healthy spinal function.

Discover how osteopathy can help you by booking a maintenance osteopathic treatment- you can replace teeth, but your spine is irreplaceable.

Tom Fackrell is available for MOT’s during the week and evening appointments.

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