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After recognising that many of the patients I was seeing for osteopathy came in with mechanical strains around times of emotional tension I decided to explore how we can heal our emotional body and experience more peace and presence in the moment. By resolving old emotional traumas you will no longer react from the old issues and are less likely to attract “accidental” injuries from holding excessive tension from your mind being on too many things and instead respond to life from a state of being more present.

Dynamic Breath Release was born out of my training in Journey therapy, where I completed the full practitioner training with Brandon Bays in 2007 and Rebirthing with the Avalon Institute of Rebirthing. Your breath is one of the most powerful tools you can use to integrate old issues that might be preventing you from experiencing your full health and wellness.

Having overcome an asthma attack in 3 minutes using a process of dynamic breathing, breath pauses and surrendering into the experience I was inspired to write Breathe with Ease, which takes you through a holistic approach to improving your health and well-being and although asthma focused is applicable to many stress related and anxiety conditions.

Your breath is such a powerful tool for emotional well-being. Normally when we feel a strong emotion that we are uncomfortable with we make it wrong and suppress it and stop breathing, which inevitably leads to a build up of tension in the body. When a current issue presents itself that has the same emotional resonance as an old issue these can be times of great healing and transformation if you are willing to breathe through what you are feeling.

In a Rebirthing and Dynamic Breath Release session, you use a connected breath; an active inhale followed by a passive exhale, that helps you to access your physical body and connect with your emotional body and beyond into your energy body. Many times we will have experiences that we analyse and talk through but unless the physical reaction to the emotion felt in the body is addressed and integrated the issues can persist. By breathing into what you are feeling these old suppressed emotions can be released giving you greater freedom and a feeling of expanded present moment awareness that is deeply healing.

By being willing to breathe through what you are feeling and relax into it with a willingness to let go, old trauma’s can be released during a session. Often the breath can take you to a state of euphoria or ecstasy where the old issue actually becomes a gift and enables you to see how you have grown from your challenges rather than become victim to them.

It is the story we tell ourselves about what we are feeling which will keep the emotion in play. By having gratitude for all of what you are feeling, not just the comfortable experiences you will enable a greater transformation.

If there is a part of you that you would like to heal, it is not by focusing on the issue that you find resolution but by finding what the emotional charges underlying the issue that have been suppressed and held in tension patterns that really gives you access into the parts of you that need resolving. In thinking about it as healing we are actually making part of ourselves wrong. In fact whatever symptoms your body is expressing is its best attempt at health and if you try to prevent this we are actually suppressing an intelligent process. It is only by getting to the root cause of the stress or tension that is creating the suffering that we find integration.

At certain times in our life when trauma occurs, science has shown that when we experience a strong emotion and it is repressed, a measurable biochemistry is released into our body that can block receptor sites in cells. If disease is going to happen it is more likely to manifest where these receptor sites are blocked.

It has been shown that if we cut ourselves and have an argument with someone at the time it happens then the healing takes twice as long.

Dr Deepak Chopra has proposed that we don’t just store memories in our heads but in every cell of our body, if the unhealthy memory continues to be reproduced from one cell generation to the next this programming will continue until the issue is resolved.

Rebirthing and Dynamic Breath Release is a breath-work process that helps you to uncover, gain access to and clear out old stored cellular memories from trauma or times of emotional suppression. In breathing through and relaxing into any unexpressed feelings and emotions from that time it is possible to come to a deep and lasting forgiveness with the people or situation that may have arisen, allowing you to move forwards in greater freedom.

To me Rebirthing and Dynamic Breath Release feel like the missing piece of the jigsaw. We are never given an instruction manual on how to navigate life’s challenges, but giving yourself the time and space to breathe and be really present to what you are feeling will enable you to experience more Presence and present moment awareness and even connect with your essence or Source.

It isn’t just the emotions that can benefit from a breath-work session. Old limiting belief systems can be addressed that maybe causing you to feel a certain way. By identifying these beliefs which can happen when you realise what emotion you are feeling and what you must have to mistakenly believed to feel this way, you can also breathe through and integrate a new belief and understanding about yourself that is more empowering.

We often repeat similar patterns over and over again until we resolve the underlying issue and can move forwards. I’m sure you, like me, have experienced similar patterns in your relationships or in life, which come up time after time until we actually face what is going on rather than running a series of avoidance strategies to numb out the pain.

By connecting the breath and becoming conscious of how our current emotional state echoes that of past experiences and going back to where the issue first began we can begin to have some resolution. Often early birth trauma or memories that have imprinted into us before we learnt how to articulate our needs and wants can be resolved very effectively through breath-work. This is because it is not analysis, it is simply accessing the holding or tension pattern that most likely became part of our first seven years of conditioning. Most of the ways we react to things are set in these formative years. If you can access the core of your issue with your breath you can become free to create a new reality and chose how you respond rather than react.

Alison integrates Rebirthing principles of connected breathing, relaxation, awareness in detail of what you are experiencing, integration into ecstasy and a willingness to let go of the issue with a dynamic breath that helps you access some of the stronger emotions such as anger and rage that are often poorly expressed and often suppressed creating huge amounts of tension which can drain your energy. By integrating the understanding of the polarities of what you are experiencing, releasing the emotion and then breathing into the opposite of what you have have experienced you can provide the inner resources that you would have benefited from in your younger years had you the wisdom you have now. In this way you don’t change your past but you change your internal reality and the feelings and perception about the past to set yourself free…

Make every breath count.

If you would like to experience a breakthrough breath-work session with Alison lasting 2 1/2 hours for the first session and subsequent sessions last up to 2 hours please make sure you avoid alcohol and caffeine for at least 48 hours before the process as these may inhibit your ability to access what you are feeling, which is a key component to the process. Ten sessions are advisable to help support a natural healing process.