Healthy Childhood often starts with the parents and the lifestyle choices that are made. Making sure both parents are in good physical health and fitness prior to pregnancy enables the best possible start. Other factors can affect the state of health through the child’s life, from birth trauma, to diet, and the inevitable emotional stresses of life.


For preconception care we recommend Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Osteopathy and Hypnotherapy for relaxation, and Reflexology. Our Children’s health is of utmost importance. Often we need guidance to help us through the challenges of improving and maintaining a healthy body from recurrent infections, strains and injuries, growing pains to issues such as bed wetting, and sleep issues which can bring distress to both the child and parents. With alternative medicine we don’t focus on simply treating symptoms, but rather support the health of the child to bring them to experience their best possible health.

Annette has a wealth of experience having raised four children without the need for medicine or medical intervention and can offer support with Baby Massage Tuition, Bowen for babies and children to help gently rebalance their body, naturopathic advice which includes diet, hydrotherapy, and advice on how to support the body through a period of crisis. Emma Langton is qualified to work with emotional issues with children with hypnotherapy, as this can be enormously helpful in many different areas.

Alison uses classical osteopathy and cranial osteopathy, breathing exercises and naturopathy to help guide children back to health.

Sometimes the stresses of life for the parents can have an impact, so as the primary care giver, always remember to take good care of yourself too, similar to putting your oxygen mask on first if needed on a flight. You may want to consider a course of acupuncture treatment for contributing to feelings of emotional wellbeing where Nicky Thomas can help, or even a massage for easing the tension.

Many parents present to the clinic with children who experience changes around the time vaccinations have begun. It is helpful to know that support is there should you need someone who can take the time to look at improving health rather than just stopping symptoms. Symptoms are a sign that the body is doing something to maintain health or eliminate waste build up in the body. As children grow there is a rapid turnover of cellular waste from the growth process, similar to building a house and having skip loads of waste. Once the house is built, minimal waste is eliminated, as there is simply a renewal process. If we can support this intelligent eliminatory process we can find a way to improved health and wellbeing. Prevention is always better than cure. Take good natural care of yourself and your family.

If you are uncertain as to what the most suitable treatment approach for you or your child is, please feel free to contact us by email or phone and a qualified practitioner will be able to advise you.