The Bowen technique is often called Bowen Massage, although it is helpful for all areas of the body, it’s not strictly massage in the sense we would normally assume.  The Bowen technique works on the science of the connective tissues in the body.

The connective tissue provides stability in our bodies with the ‘bands of material’ joining one surface in the body to another.  When stimulated through the touch of the therapist, it sends messages to the brain.  Those neural connections then engage with nerve cells to respond to the touch and make changes through the body.

Bowen therapists move the body in specific areas, at precise points, sometimes simply providing a ‘rolling’ action over muscles.  This will stimulate the nerves and tissues to create a focus for the brain to respond.  The therapist then steps away from the body or leaves the room for a minute or two to allow the brain to process and make adjustments in the body.  This provide a deep and sometimes rapid relaxation.  Sometimes people notice a warmth or tingling in those areas too.


Janet K said “I feel that each (monthly) massage gets rid of any tension and “grounds” me again. It is part and parcel of looking after myself, something I haven’t been very good at in the past.”

Often people are surprised at how little ‘massage’ or hands-on therapy is needed for the changes to place.  These changes can also take place days after the session.  Sometimes people will not notice a change as they leave the session, other than having been totally relaxed.  Yet the brain and body are already in the process of adjustment and repair which can continue long after the session has completed.

Anonymous said “My Bowen treatment after which I feel relaxed and comfortable after my Bowen Treatment.  It has improved the quality of my life”

Often people seek help for pains, back and neck problems and musculoskeletal issues such as frozen shoulder.  However,  it can also be helpful with more organic problems such as migraines, tension or stress related issues.

Annette provides Bowen at York Natural Health on Tuesdays to Fridays.  Get in touch to book your session with Annette or Ben on Mondays.