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15th Anniversary Event 5th – 11th March 2022

Links to Online Events now included below

York Natural Health 15th Anniversary Open Day

What a great week of events in person and online!

Delighted clients took advantage of 15 face to face sessions with our 3 therapists: Annette Jowett (Bowen and Holistic Massage), Kathleen Nathanael (Reflexology) and Clarissa Nolan (Nutritional Guidance). 

The Online sessions were also very well received and most were recorded and you can access them following the ifnormation about each session below.

Jenny Gilmore 

Calm your nervous system for recovery and wellbeing. 

Are you struggling physically or mentally post covid or curious to find out more about the Mind Body Link? Explore how the autonomic nervous system influences calm and health. 

Jenny Gilmore is a highly experienced complementary therapist specialising in helping people recover from ill health, particularly post viral states.  Today she combines tapping therapy, EFT with a new approach based on polyvagal theory to create changes in the nervous system to dramatically promote healing and wellbeing.
To acess the recording of the session click below
There are also links to the  ‘Traffic Light Tapping’ which Jenny mentioned during her session and some more information about polyvagal theory and managing health issues on on Jenny’s blog Click the appropriate buttons below to access.

 Laura Simpson 

The Power of the Mind

Laura Simpson is a well-being, guided meditation, and wellbeing coach. She works with many individuals, organisations, sports teams and educational establishments across the UK, Barbados, America, Australia, and India.

7yrs ago Laura got into this field as she healed herself through several ‘incurable’ autoimmune disorders… Toxic Shock syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic Migraines, Folliculitis, IBS, Haemorrhoids and more. Diet, herbs, NAET, Essential oils, holistic dentistry have all played a part in Laura’s recovery but the core that changed Laura’s health and life was the connection of mind and body.

Stress, overwhelm, emotions, fear, lack of confidence, letting go, positivity, relaxation, belief and so much more are areas Laura covers.

You can read her testimonials here.

Laura’s sessions can be accessed in 3 parts below: 

Tom Waring  on Meeting Yourself Within

Thomas Waring lead a guided meditation to help you relax and unwind while on an inward journey to meet yourself and find the space within. When relaxed we create more space to hear. What message does your higher self have for you?

Thomas is trained in Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Management, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Akashic Record reading, accessing your soul’s library, which he utilises for intuitive soul coaching with one to one with clients.

Click the button below to see the video:

 Jonathan Kattenberg 

Jonathan Kattenberg  is a qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapist with a postgraduate in clinical hypnotherapy. 

Having spent many years supporting clients with their life planning needs Jonathan has become known to many as a ‘mindset trouble shooter’ and has successfully supported his private clients to overcome deep routed stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol addiction, anorexia, binge/purging, non-epileptic seizures, PTSD, and much more.

During his session, Jonathan explored how when you understand how the mind takes on experiences,  processes the information which in turn influences our logic, reasoning and creativity to live the life we desire, with effective therapy/coaching you can bring effective change whilst empowering your mind to interrupt and create new neural thought pathways to a more confident able mindset.

You have 3 options to watch using the buttons below

Alison Waring Reduce your Stress through Breathing

Breathing is one of the fastest routes into controlling your nervous system. As breathing and your fight and flight response are linked, any stress you experience will increase your breathing rate and if your breathing rate increases, so does your stress response.

Discover how you can take control of your health and your breathing to enable greater relaxation, improved sleep, better blood sugar balance, and reduce your inflammation and even neck and shoulder tension. This simple practice of Buteyko breathing is a great way to bring greater balance and harmony to your everyday life. You too can breathe ease into your life.

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