Our very own Clinic Director, Alison was recently featured on the new York TV Channel in a short article they had running.  They were talking about how York residents ranked as one of the least hydrated in Britain!  Would you be included in that?

Catch the views of different people with their thoughts and ideas about keeping hydrated.

Alison was asked for her view and you can catch up with it here.  The entire clip is about 3.30 minutes long and you can catch Alison at around 2 minutes in.

There’s some interesting facts and information about keeping ourselves hydrated that you might be surprised to hear!

Hear about another way we can get our bodies hydrated and get some tips about getting the right balance.

It certainly looks like the atmosphere was hydrated as they were interviewing local residents in the city centre of York – it looked like it was pouring down with rain!


We’d love to know your views about your own hydration and whether you think you get enough – from fluid intake or from your food.


As always, you can get in touch to ask for advice, help and support from Alison, or one of other talented and knowledgeable practitioners.