Testimonial from a recent new client…

”It’s no exaggeration to say I was in agony before paying a visit to Tom Smith at York Natural Health.  I physically could not lift my left leg without severe pain shooting up my leg and into my pelvic area.  Driving, dressing and walking up and downstairs was excruciating (the latter activity was only achievable sideways).

This was my first ever visit to an Osteopath, and 48 hours following my initial visit I was amazed how quickly I had regained agility and was able to drive, dress and walk up and downstairs normally with my pain level reduced by over 90%.  I have seen Tom once more for a further consultation and am delighted with my overall improvement.  I would recommend Tom and York Natural Health to anyone who is experiencing  pain or discomfort.  It’s been a total revelation for me, so a huge thank you to Tom (not forgetting Rachael who greeted me on arrival) who were both extremely welcoming and friendly yet totally professional.”

Tom Smith is an osteopath and naturopath specialising in corrective exercise and nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Tom originally qualified in York as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage therapist before embarking on a career on-board cruise ships as a trainer.

Later he qualified as a CHEK Exercise Coach and CHEK Holistic lifestyle coach with the CHEK Institute in 2007 and a Neuromuscular Therapist shortly after. Subsequently, throughout his career he has been fortunate enough to work in professional football with Watford FC and deliver weight management programs alongside Hertsmere Leisure and NHS Hertfordshire.

In 2015 Tom graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy and Naturopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London. It was a desire to study the traditional roots of osteopathy and to compliment his skills gained previously as a trainer and therapist.

Tom has gained valuable experience in private practice and a year as clinical manager for The Centre for Whole Health in Lancashire and home of CHEK Europe.

Tom works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at York Natural Health.


Registered Number: 9239