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OSTEOPATHY FOR ADULTSAlison WaringOsteopathy and Naturopathy Initial Consultation and Treatment (1hr 30-40mins)75 (as of January 2019)
Alison WaringFollow-up Session (45-50mins) 55 (as of January 2019)
Alison WaringCombined Osteopathy and Buteyko Breathing Initial Consultation and Treatment (1h 30-40mins)75 (as of January 2019)
Alison WaringCombined Osteopathy and Buteyko Breathing Follow Up (45-50mins)55
Diana PittInitial Consultation (up to 90 mins)50
Diana PittFollow-up (up to 45 mins)45
Sophie SimmonsInitial Consultation and Treatment (1hr 30 mins)45
Sophie SimmonsFollow-up Session (45mins)40
Sophie SimmonsUnder 16 Follow-Up35
Jason RavenInitial Consultation45
Jason RavenFollow Up (45 mins)40
Tom Smith15 minute Spine CheckFREE
Tom SmithInitial Consultation45
Tom SmithFollow-Up40
OSTEOPATHY FOR BABIES & CHILDRENAlison WaringUnder 18 yrs Initial Consultation and Treatment50 (as of January 2019)
Alison WaringFollow-up Session (45 mins)40 (as of January 2019)
HOLISTIC / SPORTS MASSAGEAnnette JowettInitial Session – Full Body Massage (up to 1hr 30min) 50
Annette JowettFollow-up Session – Full Body Massage45
Annette JowettInitial Session – Upper Body Massage (up to 1hr)40
Annette JowettFollow-up Session – Upper Body Massage35
Gemma Harris30 minute treatment (Sports, Remedial, Injury Rehabilitation)25
Gemma Harris60 minute treatment (Sports, Remedial, Injury Rehabilitation)45
Gemma Harris90 minute treatment (Sports, Remedial, Injury Rehabilitation)65
Liz Blount1 hour treatment35
BOWEN TECHNIQUEAnnette JowettInitial Consultation (1hr)45
Annette JowettFollow-up Session (1hr)40
Annette JowettChildren25
ACUPUNCTURENicky ThomasInitial Consultation48
Nicky ThomasFollow-up Session 40
BABY MASSAGE TUITIONAnnette JowettOne to One (1hr)35
Annette JowettGroups of 2 (1hr) per baby18
Liz BlountOne to One Initial35
Liz BlountOne to One Follow Up35
BUTEYKO BREATHINGAlison WaringBreathing retraining Initial Consultation (1hr)65
Alison WaringBreathing retraining Follow Up (45 mins)45
CAREER & LIFE COACHINGJude RobinsonSoul Plan50
Jude RobinsonCareer and Life Coaching 1hr30
CHILD PSYCHOLOGY SERVICEEbor Psychology ServiceContact directly
GESTALT & HUMAN RESONANCE THERAPYRod AungierGestalt & Human Resonance Therapy (50 mins)40
HYPNOTHERAPY / PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPIESDebbie PogsonEFT Initial Appointment including relaxation CD (1hr30m)65
Debbie PogsonEFT Follow Up Session (1hr)50
Emma LangtonNLP and Hypnotherapy Packages to suit your needs including stopping smoking. Please call for more details.From 65
Jenny GilmoreLightning Process. Please call for more details.690 / 605 concession
Jenny GilmoreInitial Consultation62.50
Jenny GilmoreFollow Up48
INDIAN HEAD MASSAGEKathleen Nathanael45 mins32
Kathleen NathanaelCombined treatment (30 mins Indian Head Massage and 30 mins Reflexology)42
DYNAMIC BREATH RELEASE Alison WaringGuided Breathing Meditation (2hr 30mins)200 (as of January 2019)
Annette JowettFollow up consultation45
NUTRITIONClarissa NolanInitial Consultation (3hrs) + Second Consultation (2hrs)150 (must pay for initial 2 appts)
Clarissa NolanSubsequent Appointments (30-60mins)30-60
PREGNANCY MASSAGEAnnette JowettFull Body Initial Consultation (up to 1hr 15mins)50
Annette JowettUpper Body Initial Consultation (up to 1hr)40
Annette JowettFull Body Follow Up (up to 1hr 15mins)45
Annette JowettUpper Body Follow Up (up to 1hr)35
REFLEXOLOGYKathleen NathanaelTaster Session (30 mins)25
Kathleen NathanaelInitial Appointment (1hr)38
Kathleen NathanaelFollow Up Session (1hr)38
Kathleen NathanaelCombined treatment (30 mins Reflexology and 30 mins Indian Head Massage)42
REIKIAnnette JowettFull Body Treatment 1hr35
Kathleen NathanaelFull Body Treatment 1hr38
TRADITIONAL EAR CANDLINGKathleen Nathanael45 mins (includes candles)38


Most insurance companies request a GP referral before osteopathic treatment can commence. This is not the case for other patients who pay for their own treatment. Anyone can come directly to see an osteopath as it is a primary healthcare profession.